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  • Historically, by studying Venture Capital, the way the best tech investors produced 1000x returns ($1 in, $1000 out) is by investing in 'Network Effects' - specifically, developer network effects, speculator network effects, and user network effects. You will learn to think like a professional 'Smart Money' investor to identify these network effects and watch their growth in places no one else is talking about.
  • How we track the darknet to understand the first real adopters of crypto. In other words - "user network effects".
  • How we continue to build our 'Map of Reality' based on lessons learnt from the most successful technology investors like Peter Thiel and Paul Graham. We will dive into how we think about their approaches, and break them down into simple words that anyone can understand.
  • How we track competing crypto projects to see which is winning. You will find out how adoption and 'Network Effects' have historically been the most important indicators of success in technology investing.
  • We are looking for new members for our 1000x Group - we pool member funds to pay for research and hunt for 1000x-return investments in places most people overlook. We would love for you to join us and we will tell you more about our group's unique approach in the webinar.