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A couple of the things we'll cover:

  • The enormous opportunities of 2019 and how almost everyone is missing them. You will learn to think like a professional 'Smart Money' investor to identify huge wins before everyone else.
  • How we continue to build our 'Map of Reality' based on lessons learnt from technologists like Peter Thiel and Paul Graham - the smartest people around. We will dive into how we think about these timeless ideas, and break them down into simple words that anybody can understand.
  • How we track competing crypto projects to see who is winning. You will find out how adoption, 'Super Dominance', and 'Network Effects' are only 3 important metrics for a successful investment (and a giant return). We will explain the other critical metrics we've been working hard on - we believe that using these metrics to stay smart on how this space works, will allow us to significantly increase our chances of finding big winners and avoiding projects that are doomed to fail.